The production of the main engines of Tallink’s new passenger car ferry is in full swing

2.6.2020 Media releases

The construction of the main engines for Tallink’s new shuttle ferry, MyStar, is underway at Rauma Marine Constructions’ (RMC) shipyard in Rauma. The first main engine has been successfully completed and tested at the factory. The main engines have a dual-fuel solution, and are manufactured by the German company MAN Energy Solutions.

The high-speed shuttle ferry, MyStar, which will operate between Helsinki and Tallinn, will be one of the most environmentally friendly ships in the Baltic Sea. The dual fuel-equipped main engines are the most important technological solution ensuring the ship’s environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. The rated power of one main engine is 8,400 kW, or 11,265 horsepower (hp). In total, the ship will have five 8-cylinder main engines.

MyStar will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its primary fuel, a fuel with low emissions. In the future, it will also be possible to use biogas as fuel when it becomes a viable alternative. The vessel’s advanced electric propulsion system allows the ship to be operated energy-efficiently in all situations at speeds of up to 27 knots.

– We want to be at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly shipping by introducing comprehensive technological solutions. The main engines of MyStar, now under construction, can be started with liquefied natural gas. Therefore, the consumption of diesel fuel is also as low as possible when starting the engines, which reduces emissions significantly, says RMC’s President and CEO Jyrki Heinimaa.

– Captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Head of Ship Management at Tallink Grupp commented: “Tallink Grupp is continuously looking for ways to bring innovative and green solutions to both the Baltic Sea and to shipping in general. When complete, MyStar will be the second LNG-powered shuttle vessel added to our fleet, operating on the Tallinn-Helsinki route. It is great to work with companies like MAN Energy Solutions who also have innovation and environmentally friendly solutions at the heart of their business. Together we can work towards achieving sustainable shipping goals and meet all current and future regulations while ensuring a lower impact on the environment.”

The production of the car and passenger ferry MyStar began at Rauma shipyard on April 6, 2020. MyStar is currently the largest ship under construction there. The vessel will be about 212 meters long and will have a gross tonnage of approximately 50,000. It will be able to accommodate around 3,000 passengers and crew members, and will have a freight capacity of 1,900 lane meters for lorries and other vehicles. The ferry will provide over 1,500 person-years of employment for the shipyard. MyStar will operate between Helsinki, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia. The building project will consider the vessel’s operating profile, efficient functionality for large numbers of passengers and vehicles, as well as passenger comfort.

The steel cutting of MyStar was recorded and can be viewed at: