Rauma Marine Constructions and Tallink sign letter of intent for a new car and passenger ferry – effect on employment in the region “significant”

18.10.2018 Media releases

AS Tallink Grupp and Finnish shipbuilding company Rauma Marine Constructions Oy (RMC) have signed a letter of intent to build an environmentally friendly car and passenger ferry for the scheduled service between Tallinn and Helsinki. The ship, with a value of approximately 250 million euros, will be built at Rauma shipyard. Along with signing the letter of intent, RMC will also strengthen its organization and recruit more talent.

The planning of the Tallink Shuttle ship, which will operate on the Helsinki-Tallinn route, will start in spring 2019 and building will commence in 2020. The vessel will be delivered to Tallink at the end of 2021. The new vessel is the biggest newbuild order as of yet for RMC. The passenger capacity of the ship will be 2,800 people. The newest technology and innovative solutions will be utilized in the design phase to ensure that the vessel will be as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

The letter of intent is significant for RMC, and recruitment of more employees is already underway, says Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO, Rauma Marine Constructions.

“This is outstanding news for shipbuilding in Rauma. RMC’s four-year journey has been consistent and the letter of intent with Tallink represents a natural continuation of our development. The order’s impact on employment will total around 1,500 person-years. We will hence recruit a significant amount of new talent to Rauma shipyard in the near future.”

Rauma shipyard has built a total of four vessels for Tallink Grupp over the years. In addition, two more vessels have been designed at the shipyard. Baltic Queen, the previous vessel built at Rauma shipyard, was completed in 2009 and operates nowadays on the Tallinn-Stockholm route.

“We are very pleased to announce that Rauma shipyard’s shipbuilding tradition, together with Tallink, will continue with RMC’s building of a new Shuttle ship. It is a great honor to be signing a letter of intent with our old friends at Tallink who have always shown appreciation for the shipbuilding expertise in Rauma. This is an opportunity for us to utilize our longstanding experience and to help steer the ship traffic between Finland and Estonia in a more environmentally friendly direction,” says Heinimaa.

During the upcoming months, Tallink Grupp and RMC will work on finalizing the contract and financial arrangements.

RMC’s previous car and passenger ferry m/s Hammershus, built for Danish ferry operator Molslinjen, began operating in Denmark in September. The company is also cooperating with the shipyard in Turku on building ship blocks for a large cruise ship.