Enhanced COVID-19 testing at Rauma shipyard continues – RMC encourages network company employees to get vaccinated and considers mandatory vaccination

30.9.2021 Media releases

Due to the coronavirus infections detected through random testing last week, Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC), its network partner companies and local health authorities have jointly tested around 540 people working in the shipyard. Since 17 September, a total of 136 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. 96 of them were confirmed this week. The confirmed cases are mainly among network company employees. The final number of those infected is not yet known, as test results for around 120 people have yet to be obtained.

Last week, those working under the third deck of the ship under construction were directed to be tested, but as an additional precautionary measure, RMC decided to extend testing to all those working on the ship. To prevent further infections, employees who are currently not in isolation or quarantine will be tested next week.

Vaccination is encouraged for all personnel, mandatory vaccination under consideration

The cluster of coronavirus infections confirmed in September mostly concerns employees of RMC’s network companies. RMC is now actively encouraging them to get vaccinated. In cooperation with the health authorities of the City of Rauma, RMC arranged a vaccination point at the shipyard last week, and the next one is scheduled for Monday, October 4, 2021.

“The majority of those infected in this cluster have been unvaccinated, which is why we encourage everyone working at the shipyard to receive their vaccination as quickly as possible. COVID safety at the shipyard is a joint effort, and we want to help with the vaccination efforts in every way we can. We are also exploring the possibility of implementing a model where network companies are required to ensure that their employees working at the shipyard are fully vaccinated,” said Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO and President of Rauma Marine Constructions.