The number of COVID cases at Rauma shipyard is declining – RMC will continue random testing and additional efforts to prevent new cases

14.10.2021 Media releases

The extended testing efforts for coronavirus detection have been completed at Rauma Marine Constructions’ (RMC) shipyard, following the infection cluster detected this autumn. Four new infections have been reported this week and a total of 213 since 17 September. Next week, RMC will continue the random testing that began last spring. Moreover, other extensive COVID prevention measures will be kept in place.

The number of coronavirus cases is declining at Rauma shipyard as a result of extended testing efforts, which concluded today, 13 October.

RMC and the shipyard’s network companies, along with the health authorities of the City of Rauma, have this week tested approximately 350 individuals who have been working on the ship that is now under construction. Around 430 people were tested last week and around 540 the week before.

Four new infections were reported following this week’s testing. A total of 213 new infections have been reported since 17 September. Very few further infections have been discovered outside the shipyard.

Starting next week, random testing, which was already implemented last spring, will continue at the shipyard in agreement with the local health authorities. In addition, other stricter safety measures will remain in effect.

“We have been conducting random testing at the shipyard since spring, and it is vital to continue doing so, as it was random testing that allowed us to detect the infection cluster at an early stage this autumn. Random testing, additional extensive safety measures and meticulous cooperation with the health authorities of the City of Rauma enabled the containment of the epidemic in under a month,” said Timo Suistio, Rauma Marine Constructions’ Executive Vice President, who is the head of the shipyard’s COVID task force.

Testing, teamwork and masks are the main COVID prevention methods

RMC’s shipyard has implemented extensive safety measures for the prevention of coronavirus infections since the beginning of the pandemic. Following the cluster of cases detected in February, the company has implemented a tightened safety plan.

Workers coming to their shift straight from abroad will be required to show a negative COVID test result taken no more than 72 hours after arrival to Finland. Without a negative test result, entry to the shipyard is denied.

Individuals who show symptoms will be denied entry to the shipyard area and will be directed straight to occupational health care services instead. Weekly random testing will be conducted on shipyard workers who are not showing symptoms. Since spring 2021, over 300 tests have been conducted.

To enable possible early detection, shipyard workers are divided into teams that share accommodation and work, take breaks and commute together. Infected individuals are tested again on the second-to-last day of their quarantine, and returning to work is permitted only after a negative test result.

Masks are required in the ship under construction and other indoor facilities at the shipyard, and their use will be strictly monitored. There are stations for handwashing and sanitizing across the shipyard area.