RMC takes corona infections in its network seriously – exposed workers quarantined and all other employees in the subcontracting chain tested

16.2.2021 Media releases

In the past days, a cluster of corona infections was discovered at Rauma shipyard. Rauma Marine Constructions’ own personnel has not been infected but there have been multiple cases reported among the company’s network companies. Authorities have placed all exposed workers under quarantine for 14 days. Other employees working in the network will be tested during the rest of the week.

All efforts are being made at the shipyard to get the situation under control. Over the weekend and the beginning of the week, 47 corona infections have been reported in RMC’s network companies.

Even more corona testing will be conducted at the shipyard from Wednesday onwards. RMC has provided the healthcare authorities with a location where several testing groups can work simultaneously. All employees of subcontracting companies will be tested by the end of the week. The healthcare authorities will also assume responsibility for guiding employees to get tested and the exposed employees have been put under a 14-day quarantine.

“We take the emerged corona infections extremely seriously and are working with the authorities to trace and control the chains of infection. On our part, we want to emphasise strict adherence to the regulatory guidelines and hygiene instructions given by the authorities, also in our free time. Despite there not being infections among RMC’s employees, we have tightened the recommendation for remote work. It is also mandatory to wear a mask while working, as long as it is possible while taking into consideration work safety”, says Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO of RMC.

The employees from the network companies will return to work either after the 14-day quarantine or providing a negative test result. Everyone in the network is committed to getting the situation under control, RMC has assured.

RMC currently has two passenger car ferries under construction. Work at the shipyard will not stop but a testing round among network employees will cause potential local downtime.