RMC calls for the introduction of a COVID pass in Finland as soon as possible – testing at the shipyard will continue next week

6.10.2021 Media releases

Following the detection of multiple coronavirus infections at the shipyard some two weeks ago, RMC, the shipyard’s network partner companies and the Rauma health authorities have jointly tested about 430 people this week. The people who were tested have all been working on the ship currently under construction. Last week, approximately 540 people were tested.

A total of 194 cases of COVID-19 have been reported at the shipyard since September 17.

Contact tracers have been unable to reach the contact persons of one network partner company. Therefore, the company has been denied access to the shipyard area for the time being, and the authorities have ordered all employees of the company in quarantine.

Testing will continue next week

As a precaution, testing will continue next Monday and Tuesday. During these days, personnel working on the ship, who are currently not in isolation or quarantine, will be tested. Those who are about to be released from quarantine will be re-tested on the second to last day of quarantine and can return to work after getting a negative test result.

“The cluster of infections was detected during our random testing and caught at an early stage. As a result, we’ve been able us to react quickly, mainly in good cooperation with our network companies and the health authorities. We are ready to continue with the extended testing as long as is required,” said Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO and President of Rauma Marine Constructions.

Urgent call to the authorities: COVID pass needed as soon as possible

A significant proportion of those infected in the September cluster have been unvaccinated. Therefore, RMC will continue to provide easy-access vaccination points at the shipyard in cooperation with the local health authorities.

The company is also considering implementing a model that would require network companies to ensure that their employees working at the shipyard are vaccinated. However, an employer cannot legally require employees to be vaccinated or check their vaccination records, which complicates the enforcement of such a model.

RMC is hoping for a feasible solution from the authorities.

“Current legislation does not allow us to require vaccinations, which is why we are urging the authorities to provide rapid solutions for this difficult situation. Despite very strict security measures, we are facing cases of COVID-19 again. Unfortunately, this is true for many other players as well. One solution which would significantly improve health and safety is a COVID pass that could be checked for each person coming to work. We hope that the authorities will be able to further the implementation of the pass as rapidly as possible,” said Heinimaa.