RMC appoints Mika Nieminen as new CEO

24.2.2023 Media releases

The Board of Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) will appoint Mika Nieminen as the company’s new CEO and President. Nieminen has an extensive track record from several manufacturing companies, most recently at KONE Corporation. Since the beginning of 2023, he has gained insight into the work of RMC’s management team, and he will also act as the CEO of RMC Defense, a subsidiary of RMC. Nieminen will take up his new position on 15 March 2023.

CEO Mika Heiskanen will move forward in his career and join Royal Caribbean Group’s new build operations in the United States.

Following a search organised at the end of 2022, Nieminen was appointed CEO of RMC Defence as well as Deputy CEO of RMC. During the search, it was taken into account that the new CEO would have to meet also the requirements of a Group CEO. Being the Deputy CEO, the appointment of Nieminen as the new CEO does not require a separate decision from the Board, and his appointment will be confirmed at the next board meeting.

“Thanks to his background, Mika Nieminen understands modern networked operations and has thus excellent qualifications to manage operations in today’s shipyard industry. We are happy to continue our cooperation with Nieminen and expect a smooth transition as he already has a thorough knowledge of RMC’s operations,” says Stig Gustavson, Chairman of RMC’s Board of Directors.

CEO Mika Heiskanen started at the helm of RMC in the autumn of 2022 when he agreed with RMC’s Board of Directors on launching a programme to achieve long-term profitability and increase capacity.

“The programme is now off to a good start, and we are happy with the work Heiskanen has done. For the next general meeting, RMC’s main shareholders will be proposing that Heiskanen be appointed a member of RMC’s Board of Directors,” Gustavson says.

Currently, RMC is about to begin the construction of four multipurpose corvettes for the Finnish Defence Force. The construction will begin in late 2023. Furthermore, RMC is constructing two car and passenger ferries for the Tasmanian TT-Line Company to operate between Tasmania and mainland Australia. The vessels will be finished in 2024.