Research vessel Aranda’s general overhaul is on the home stretch – a time-lapse video reveals how the vessel was lengthened

7.5.2018 Media releases

The research vessel ‘Aranda’, owned by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), has been undergoing a general overhaul at the RMC shipyard in Rauma since last summer. During the conversion, the ship was lengthened by seven metres. The vessel will be handed over to SYKE this spring.

Aranda’s substantial renewal project is approaching its conclusion. During the conversion project, a brand new, 5.4-metre-long section was added in the middle of the vessel. In addition, the vessel’s rear and quarter deck was also reshaped and slightly lengthened. Due to the additional metres, it was possible to enlarge the research and laboratory rooms. When the renovation is finished, the environmental impact of the vessel will be further reduced. Furthermore, with the renovation, SYKE will guarantee Aranda’s optimal operational performance until the 2030’s.

This large renewal project was executed at Rauma Marine Constructions shipyard in Rauma, Finland. The project is significant for Rauma Marine Constructions because Finnish state-owned vessels are one of the most important strategic focus areas for the company.

Along with Aranda’s renovation, a Danish vessel is also being constructed at the shipyard. The vessel, ordered by Danish shipping company Molslinjen, will be delivered in June 2018.

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Time-lapse video: Aranda’s conversion: