Rauma Shipyard has returned to almost full capacity – stricter safety measures are being monitored more effectively

10.3.2021 Media releases

Production at Rauma Marine Constructions’ shipyard in Rauma has returned to almost full capacity. With the gradual increase in the number of employees, today, Wednesday, March 10, some 900 people were present at the shipyard.

For the first time since the resumption of production, work will also be carried out with normal workforce capacity during the upcoming weekend. Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO & President of Rauma Marine Constructions, is pleased with the current situation.

“The corona situation has been brought under control with stricter safety measures, and thanks to that we have been able to resume production to near normal capacity. After mass testing carried out by the authorities, a small number of those working at the shipyard are still in isolation or quarantine. When they return to work, we will be back to full capacity,” says Heinimaa.

Enhanced safety measures under continuous monitoring

Following the detection of a cluster of coronavirus infections in February, RMC immediately implemented a stricter safety plan, the functioning of which is being closely monitored.

“The most important thing is to ensure that people come to work only in good health and to make it easier to identify those who have been exposed to the coronavirus. We monitor compliance with the instructions and constantly follow the development of the situation. If necessary, we will make changes to the safety plan immediately. The coming weeks will show the full effect of the stricter measures,” Heinimaa says.

According to the stricter safety plan, two negative corona test results are required for those coming to work directly from abroad to the shipyard. In addition, network company employees have been divided into teams concerning accommodation, commuting and work at the shipyard area, allowing potential exposure to the coronavirus to be quickly identified and quarantine measures to be adopted.

Masks need to be worn throughout the shipyard area, and the practice of wearing masks is being monitored daily by security personnel. A person not wearing a mask will be removed from the area for the rest of the day and given a written warning.

If a person coming to work at the shipyard is showing even minor symptoms of the coronavirus infection, he or she will be referred directly to occupational health care. Random testing will be introduced for asymptomatic people coming to work at the shipyard. In addition, employees can also get tested on their own initiative. Random testing will begin next week and continue for the time being.