Production at Rauma Shipyard will gradually resume from Thursday onwards

23.2.2021 Media releases

Resuming production after the corona closure will begin in a composed and controlled manner. All the yard’s facilities have been cleaned and sanitised with extra attention and particularly strict safety measures are in place to ensure a safe working environment. In cooperation with the health authorities, Rauma Marine Constructions has specified its previous instructions by drafting a detailed safety plan, based on which production can be continued.

Rauma Marine Constructions will restart production at Rauma Shipyard in stages starting on Thursday 25 February. Production will resume at a calm pace and with small numbers of people.

“We will resume production in a restrained manner. On Thursday and Friday, only a few dozen workers who have not been at the shipyard during the corona exposure will return to work. There will be no working at the shipyard over the weekend so we can take the time to prepare for the following week. The next workers returning to the shipyard will arrive next Monday, and the number will be increased day by day. All measures aim to get production up and running in safe working conditions,” says Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions.

Even stricter safety measures

The shipyard has had extensive safety measures in place against corona infections for almost a year. Due to the current situation, all facilities in the shipyard area have been cleaned with extra care and sanitised on February 20–21. Moving forward, even more emphasis will be placed on strict safety measures to counter corona infections. RMC has planned the additional safety measures in active cooperation with the health authorities.

“Together with the health authorities, we have drafted a detailed safety plan to which our network companies are also committed. The plan and related instructions widely cover the entry into and operation in the shipyard area, as well as the rules and guidelines for example related to employees’ leisure time and living. We require negative test results from those returning to work. We will also increase random testing and, among other things, find out possibilities for quick testing when arriving to work. Entering the shipyard area while sick is not permitted,” Heinimaa says.

Catching up on ship project schedules will begin immediately

Rauma Marine Constructions currently has three ongoing ship projects: Wasaline’s new car and passenger ferry Aurora Botnia, Tallink’s car and passenger ferry MyStar, and a set of four multifunctional corvettes for the Finnish Defense Forces. The schedules for these projects are currently under review.

“By resuming production this week, we will ensure that these detailed safety measures work in practice before increasing the number of employees next week,” Heinimaa concludes.