Sea. That’s why we built the world’s most environmentally friendly ship

We have a vision for the future of shipping. When a ship is at sea, it leaves no trace in the environment. The ship just visits the landscape, arrives and goes, and afterward, there is no way of knowing that it even made a visit there. It leaves nothing behind and changes nothing in its environment. The ship does what it is designed to do, nothing more.

This is the direction we are heading with our partners in our diverse know-how ecosystem. Our vision inspires us to build ships, each a masterpiece of engineering and sustainability.

We believe in cooperation that reaches across sectors

In our pursuit of eco-friendly innovation, every ship we build is a step towards a cleaner future. A vessel built today must be able to sail the seven seas for decades to come. That’s why us the shipbuilders play a vital role in creating a new, more environmentally friendly generation of ships. Our vision also demands actions from us.

That is why at the heart of our design philosophy is sustainability — from minimizing energy consumption to harnessing solar power and recycling surplus materials.

We deliver innovative solutions that stand the test of time

Together with our clients and network partners, we mold dreams into tangible vessels. To serve the maritime industry and to support the valuable brands of our customers. We do this by combining many decades’ worth of experience and expertise in building modern ships.

Our commitment extends beyond the final product to every stage of shipbuilding. By integrating solar energy, optimizing resource usage, and recycling materials like surplus steel, we’re not just creating ships – we’re nurturing the environment.

We offer unique opportunities

We are an organization of 300 experts. We lead dozens of network partner companies in the process of designing and constructing ships. The result is a range of modern vessels that you won’t be able to create anywhere else.

Working at RMC does not mean just building ships from the ground up. RMC employs professionals who work in interior and electrical wiring design, IT, data analytics, economics, and sales, for example.

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