Sustainability is the cornerstone of our operations

At Rauma Marine Constructions, sustainability is one of the central elements of our operations. We believe that the entire success of our company depends on our comprehensive approach to sustainability. Sustainability is not detached from other operations, but an integral part of everyday tasks and business.

A critical part of our operations is taking the environment into consideration when it comes to the end product, i.e., the finished ship. A significant part of the environmental impact of the vessel comes from emissions resulting from its operation. As a responsible shipbuilder, it is our goal to find the right combination of solutions that allow the use of low-emission propulsion machinery and fuels.

We comply with international standards and agreements related to human rights, working life rights, the environment and anti-corruption activities. Responsibility for various stakeholders is a key part of our operations. Getting skilled employees and funding as well as securing new orders as part of developing competitiveness requires an active, responsible and transparent implementation method.

Our responsibility is based on:

  • Risk management methods
  • Operational environment analysis
  • Adherence to good governance
  • Considering the environment in projects: energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient ships
  • Occupational well-being and safety
  • Understanding and implementing employer responsibility

Sustainability supported by Finnish ownership

As society becomes more transparent, the same is required from the business activities of all companies. RMC is the only fully domestically-owned shipbuilding company of its size range. The fact that our owners are also Finnish people forms the foundation for the responsibility of our operations. Both the company’s decision-making and employment will remain in Finland, and our owners are governed by Finnish law and industry regulations.

As a responsible operator, RMC adheres to the international norms and agreements on human rights, employment rights, the environment, and anti-corruption measures. Our responsibility to different stakeholders is a central part of our operations. In order to secure talented employees, financing, and new commissions as part of improving our competitiveness, our methods must be active, responsible and transparent.

RMC will always strive to form long-term relationships with its clients and network of partners. It is vital for us to find partners who understand our values and are committed to the same goals. We require a commitment from our partners to the same principles and methods of responsible operations that we, as a company, pledge to comply with in the cooperation.

Certified operations

The certifications awarded to RMC convey our commitment to sustainability. They show that we consider environmental and occupational health and safety aspects in all our operations and fulfil requirements as set by the recognised standards.

The certification requirements extend to all areas of operations, from vessel design to construction, as well as management and leadership. Being granted the certifications also means that we have a plan to continuously improve operations moving forward.

We use a Whistleblowing Channel as a tool to maintain ethical principles and trust.

Quality / ISO 9001:2015
Environment / ISO 14001:2015
Health and Safety / ISO 45001:2018