Excellent facilities

We operate at Seaside Industry Park in Rauma, together with dozens of other shipbuilding and maritime industry leaders.

We have a 30-year lease for the necessary premises for shipbuilding in the area. Currently, we are also renting premises for steel production.

Our premises are located next to the Port of Rauma, which offers excellent accessibility by sea, land, and rail.

260 x 85 m
of dry docks
450 t
lifting capacity
220 + 240 m
of fitting-out docks
150 000 dwt
building capacity

Top-quality steel production

Since 2021, we have invested significantly both in the construction of a multipurpose construction hall for shipbuilding purposes and in parts production.

As part of the investments in parts production, we have replaced the flame cutting machine as well as the production line for T-beams and have modernised the profile cutting station and panel lines.

With these investments, we are able to increase both our production capacity and the dimensional accuracy and straightness of the steel parts, especially in thin panels. This will significantly improve the quality of the products.

Multipurpose construction hall for military vessels

We have constructed a modern multipurpose hall in the shipyard area. The hall will house the construction of multi-role corvettes for the Finnish Navy that are part of the Squadron 2020 project. The hall can also be used for other projects.

The hall is 186 metres long, 44 metres wide and 32 metres high. The gross capacity of the hall will be 226,000 cubic metres and it is one of the largest industrial buildings in Rauma.

The hall is a significant investment. Its total cost is approximately EUR 26 million.