Life-Cycle Services

In addition to shipbuilding, Rauma Marine Constructions offers comprehensive life-cycle services, including maintenance and repair operations. For instance, the company has an agreement with Arctia Oy on the maintenance of the multi-purpose icebreakers Nordica and Fennica.

We work in close cooperation with our partners and utilise the best expertise each operator can provide. Our flexible, networked operations provide a broad range of expertise and is well-suited for life-cycle services.

The extensive and versatile shipbuilding experience found from both RMC and our network of partners forms a solid foundation for life-cycle operations. The diversity of our network ensures that we find the correct people and skills for every project.

The RMC facilities at Seaside Industry Park Rauma enable us to provide a comprehensive service concept. In addition to one of the largest dry docks in the Baltic region, the heavy-duty shipyard cranes and versatile workshop facilities provide excellent life-cycle services. Our construction halls are suited for the production and surface treatment of cross-sections of up to 300 tonnes. The sections are transported to the dry dock with specialised carts.

The RMC Service Portfolio

  • Dockings
    RMC references: Pollution control vessel Louhi, patrol vessel Turva, ferries Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony
  • Upgrades
    RMC references: Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony
  • Conversions
    RMC references: Icebreaker Otso
  • General overhauls
    RMC references: Research vessel Aranda
  • Maintenance
    RMC references: MSV Fennica and Nordica
  • Docking services:
    • Dry dock 260 m x 85 m
    • Lifting capacity 450 tonnes
    • Block transport capacity 350 tonnes
    • Outfitting quays: 240 m and 220 m
    • Building capacity: 150,000 TDW, 80,000 GT