Change negotiations at Rauma Marine Constructions have been completed

13.3.2023 Media releases

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) has completed the change negotiations it started with its personnel on 24 January 2023. The aim of the negotiations was to reorganise operations to better meet the demands of RMC’s current order book and adjust the company’s financial position.

The negotiations have resulted in RMC reorganising its organisational structure.

The new organisational structure meets the needs of the order book

RMC’s operations are divided into two clear business areas: government vessels and commercial vessels. The business areas have a profit responsibility for their projects. The new organisational structure will clarify responsibilities and the distribution of duties, improve the management of costs and schedules, and strengthen the resourcing of projects.

The purpose of the reorganisation is to meet the needs of the current order book, which are mainly production-based, and to guarantee that orders will be carried out in the best possible way.

“The last couple of years have been difficult, which is why these negotiations have been necessary as part of the company’s wider need for change. Now the helm has been turned in the right direction, and the task is to continue on this new course. RMC has everything it takes to become profitable, and we will keep on working to achieve this,” says Mika Heiskanen, CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions.

At the beginning of the negotiations, RMC estimated that the planned measures could possibly result in the termination of employment of no more than 20 people. By the end of 2022, RMC had over 210 employees.

As the negotiations have been finished, the final personnel redundancy will be below the stated level. The redundancies will be implemented through a variety of means, including lay-offs and retirements.

Order book worth over EUR 1 billion

For the past few years, RMC has been operating at a loss. However, the shipyard has a strong order book worth EUR 1.2 billion and orders extend to 2028. Currently, RMC is constructing four multi-role corvettes for the Finnish Defence Force in connection with the Squadron 2020 project and two Spirit of Tasmania car and passenger ferries for the Tasmanian TT-Line Company.