Rauma Marine Constructions as an Employer

Rauma Marine Constructions employs some 150 shipbuilding experts in a variety of tasks. We are an expert organisation in naval architecture and represent world-leading expertise in Arctic shipbuilding. The strong shipbuilding traditions of Rauma are reflected in the company’s reputation and form a solid foundation for its operations.

RMC invests in Finnish work and quality and understands the importance of securing their future. With its actions, RMC wants to take part in creating jobs in Finland.

Good team spirit, mutual respect between colleagues, and fair management all form the basis of a successful work environment. Our company recognises and respects diversity. The responsibility for a good work environment lies with everyone.

According to the 2017 work satisfaction barometer, RMC personnel feel that they are valued as employees and colleagues and consider the future outlook of the company to be positive. Daily opportunities for discussion with colleagues and a safe and open atmosphere are considered to be the best aspects of our work environment. Almost a third of RMC employees have recommended us as an employer, with over half saying that, if asked, they would highly recommend us.

The shipyard at Rauma and its companies have a long history. Rooted in these traditions, RMC offers career opportunities at all times to professionals in shipbuilding, steel construction, design and sales, and welcomes eager new talent. The aim of the mentoring programme created for the Squadron 2020 project is precisely to pass on the expertise found at the shipyard to the younger generations. It is vital that the know-how and skills of our professionals is preserved and passed on.

Rauma Marine Constructions offers you a ringside seat among the industry’s leaders.

Our Strengths

A welcoming work culture, employee well-being and broad expertise are the core values guiding our operations. It is important to us that our employees value their input and are able to use their wide range of skills in an open and continuously developing operating environment.

Workplace Culture

According to the 2017 work satisfaction barometer, our personnel feel they are valued as employees and colleagues and consider the outlook of RMC to be positive. Acknowledging our employees’ needs is important to us. We offer continuous training and opportunities for development to our personnel.

Wellbeing at Work

We invest in wellbeing at work and take steps to uphold a good work atmosphere. It is important that our employees feel that they are valued. A safe and open atmosphere helps create a comfortable work environment.

Broad Expertise

RMC’s own employees are multi-talented shipbuilding experts, many of whom have over 30 years of industry experience. RMC employs professionals in naval architecture, shipbuilding and steel construction as well as design and sales. Our broad expertise and competent project management guarantee high-quality results.