Antti Hoikkala, Interior designer: An advocate of challenges and diverse work tasks

11.11.2021 Career stories

“I am a marine engineer by training. My career began at the marine services company Alfons Håkans. After my kid was born, I returned to Rauma, and Rauma Marine Constructions was the natural next step of my career. I joined the shipbuilding company in autumn 2016.

I work as an interior designer at Rauma Marine Constructions. The design of the ships’ doors, locks and windows are my area of responsibility, among other matters. My tasks also include the drawing of general arrangements. The greatest reward in my work comes from seeing my input as part of the finished ship and its concept.

I am involved in the design of all RMC projects. Each project and vessel has its own requirements and details. As a result, the work stays diverse and challenging.

At Rauma Marine Constructions, I am able to direct my career path according to my personal development and interests. The team spirit here is remarkable. Thanks to the small work community, it is easy to get to know everyone and have open discussions. We are able to implement our own ideas, and everyone has the opportunity to influence their job description and tasks.

The diversity of tasks is also one of the best aspects of the job. As part of the design process, I interact daily with experts from other teams. The fact that I am able to participate in projects with their own challenges and requirements increases the diversity of my work and improves motivation”.