At Rauma Marine Constructions, responsibility is one of the central elements of our operations. We believe that the entire success of our company depends on our comprehensive approach to responsibility. Responsibility is not detached from other operations, but an integral part of everyday tasks and business.

RMC complies with the following principles in its responsible operations:

  • Risk management methods
  • Analysis of operating environment
  • Adherence to good management principles
  • Acknowledgement of environmental issues in projects: energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient vessels
  • Wellbeing and safety at work
  • Understanding and complying with employer responsibility
Quality / ISO 9001:2015
Environment / ISO 14001:2015
Health and Safety / ISO 45001:2018

As society becomes more transparent, the same is required from the business activities of all companies. RMC is the only fully domestically-owned shipbuilding company of its size range. The fact that our owners are Finnish people too, also forms the foundation for the responsibility of our operations. Both the company’s decision-making and employment will remain in Finland, and our owners are governed by Finnish law and industry regulations.

As a responsible operator, RMC adheres to the international norms and agreements on human rights, employment rights, the environment, and anti-corruption measures. Our responsibility to different stakeholders is a central part of our operations. In order to secure talented employees, financing, and new commissions as part of improving our competitiveness, our methods must be active, responsible and transparent.

RMC will always strive to form long-term relationships with its clients and network of partners. It is vital for us to find partners who understand our values and are committed to the same goals. We require a commitment from our partners to the same principles and methods of responsible operations that we, ourselves, pledge to comply with in the cooperation.

Responsible operations are the common objective of the entire company and are to be observed by all employees and parts of the supply chain.

Quality management at RMC is based on customer-centricity, management and leadership, processes, employee engagement, continuous improvement and relationship management. These focus points guide how RMC operates with customers and other stakeholders. Moreover, as stated in the ISO 9001:2015 standard, risk management is essential in not only quality management but in the company’s whole management system.

Fulfilling – and, at best, exceeding – customer expectations in projects is crucial for business. Success is enabled by good management and committed personnel. RMC taps into seasoned experts as well as new modes of thinking. To maintain a high level of quality, we develop and standardise processes.

RMC’s quality management system is built according to a process model: core processes are a central part of operations, while support processes facilitate them. Sales, project planning, basic and production planning, network management and production are RMC’s core processes.

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Our environmental management system is a set of processes and practices that systematically improve the management and outcome of environmental protection at RMC. The ISO 14001 system helps us to further accelerate our environmental protection measures. Energy-efficient solutions are at the core of modern shipbuilding and crucial to operating a ship. Our customers expect new ships to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and equipped with the latest, high-performance technology.

RMC wants to be a forerunner in using and creating increasingly environmentally friendly technology. Decreasing the size of our products’ environmental impact is important to us. We strive to use environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient concepts, and each ship that we build, or service, is more eco-efficient than its predecessor. Additionally, we want to take energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions forward and to emphasise eco-efficiency throughout the value chain.

For example, the new Wasaline ferry, built by RMC for Kvarken Link, is thus far the most environmentally friendly vessel in its class. It is the first RoPax ferry in the world with a Clean Design class mark. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the vessel’s primary fuel. In addition, the new ferry can use locally produced biogas, and batteries will supply power for propulsion during entry and exit to and from ports.

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RMC uses the ISO 45001 system to promote the health and safety of employees, reduce workplace risks and create healthier, safer work conditions. The standard emphasises

– the commitment of top management
– employee engagement
– risk management and tapping into opportunities for improvement
– integrating health and safety into the organisation’s business processes

Everyone has the right to a healthy and safe workplace. Occupational safety concerns not only people but also the environment and the premises. It is important that we can all work peacefully in a safe environment.

Occupational safety is a prerequisite for preventing accidents and safeguarding and maintaining the personnel’s ability to work. Anticipation and risk management are essential to occupational safety. Ensuring safe premises, safe equipment and a safe environment is a joint effort.

RMC’s safety practices include safety walks, risk assessments and reporting of safety observations and near-miss events. These procedures allow us to further improve working conditions and to eliminate or reduce risks. For example, in order to prevent accidents and near-miss events from the start, it is essential that new employees are introduced to the characteristics of the shipyard environment. RMC’s management team receive regular reports of occupational health and safety. Moreover, trainings are organised for personnel who need a hot work permit, an occupational safety card or education in first aid skills.

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What is it?

Through this whistleblowing channel, suspicion of crime, violation or other misconducts may be reported confidentially.

Why is it needed?

The Whistleblowing Channel is a tool for maintaining ethical principles and trust.

We expect every member of our staff to follow our ethical principles and the laws that govern our organisation in their daily work. If an employee or a person otherwise in contact with our organization suspects violations, he or she can report it through the whistleblowing channel.

What it consists of?

Both our employees and anyone associated with our organisation can use our Whistleblowing Channel to report, for example, the following kinds of violations or suspicions of wrongdoing anonymously:

  • Bribery, corruption and money laundering
  • The gray economy
  • Unlawful conduct or unfair competition
  • Violation of environmental and occupational safety legislation
  • Violation of data protection law
  • Violation of product, food and pharmaceutical safety legislation
  • Interference with the right of workers to organize
  • Unilateral weakening of work tasks
  • Violations of other laws or our ethical principles.

Reports must be made in good faith. Deliberate false reports are prohibited and may result in legal action.

Who is it for?

This Whistleblowing Channel is designed for all stakeholders of our organisation.


Anyone can report anonymously through the whistleblowing channel. The channel is provided by an external service provider to ensure its confidentiality. The system is encrypted and password protected.

After submitting the notification, the whistleblower will receive an anonymous username and password with which he or she can log in to the service and communicate with whistleblowing notification handlers.

The notices sent in the service are only readable by the specified persons. All notifications will be treated confidentially.

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Certified Operations

RMC has been granted the ISO 9001 (Quality management), ISO 14001 (Environmental management) and ISO 45001 (Occupational health and safety) certifications. The certifications show that RMC considers environmental and occupational health and safety aspects in all its operations and fulfils requirements as set by the standard. The requirements included in the standard extend to all areas of operations, from vessel design to construction, as well as management and leadership. Being granted the certifications also means that we also have a plan to continuously improve operations moving forward.