At Rauma Marine Constructions, responsibility is one of the central elements of our operations. We believe that the entire success of our company depends on our comprehensive approach to responsibility. Responsibility is not detached from other operations, but an integral part of everyday tasks and business.

As society becomes more transparent, the same is required from the business activities of all companies. RMC is the only fully domestically-owned shipbuilding company of its size range. The fact that our owners are real, Finnish people also forms the foundation for the responsibility of our operations. Both the company’s decision-making and employment will remain in Finland, and our owners are governed by Finnish law and industry regulations.

As a responsible operator, RMC adheres to the international norms and agreements on human rights, employment rights, the environment, and anti-corruption measures. Our responsibility to different stakeholders is a central part of our operations. In order to secure talented employees, financing, and new commissions as part of improving our competitiveness, our methods must be active, responsible and transparent.

RMC will always strive to form long-term relationships with its clients and network of partners.
It is vital for us to find partners who understand our values and are committed to the same goals. We require a commitment from our partners to the same principles and methods of responsible operations that we, ourselves, pledge to comply with in the cooperation.

Responsible operations are the common objective of the entire company and are to be observed by all employees and parts of the supply chain.

Operations Cover the Certified ISO 9001:2015 System

Our operations cover the certified ISO 9001:2015 system, which allows us to offer our customers high-quality newbuilding, maintenance, conversion and steel structure projects. In environmental matters, we comply with requirements set by the legislation and facility management company Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy. Safety in the shipbuilding industry is of the utmost importance to RMC. The key to occupational safety is a combination of preventive safety rounds, offering safe working conditions and ongoing development work to promote safety.


How is Responsibility Implemented?

The transparency of operating methods ensures that they are responsible. The operations of Rauma Marine Constructions are constantly audited by external parties. In addition to this, the shipyard arranges regular internal inspections, and the company maintains its own quality system with principles binding to all personnel and partners.

A risk assessment is performed for each project and acts as the primary tool in the compliance to the principles of risk management and responsibility. The risk assessment is kept up-to-date as part of project management.

All employees must participate to ensure the responsibility of operations, and we expect the same from our network of partners. All parties must commit to the principles and methods of responsibility in contracts and in all interactions.

Environmental Responsibility

Today, energy-efficient solutions are an important aspect of all projects. Clients expect the new vessels to have environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions in addition to high performance and the latest technology.

At Rauma Marine Constructions, our goal is to be a pioneer of eco-friendly technology. We believe in the importance of reducing one’s environmental footprint, and so we invest in the implementation of eco-friendly and fuel-efficient concepts. Each of our vessels are more ecologically efficient than their predecessors. At RMC, we want to drive forward energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions to emphasise the importance of ecological efficiency in all parts of the value chain.

Occupational Safety

Everyone is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. Occupational safety involves care not only of people, but also of the environment and facilities. It is important that everyone is able to work with the confidence that their work environment is safe.

Occupational safety is vital not only to safeguard and maintain the capacity to work, but also to prevent workplace accidents. In light of this, the most crucial part of occupational safety is the prevention and management of risks. Overseeing the work and personnel facilities and maintaining the safety of work equipment and environment is also a task shared by everyone.

RMC organises regular overviews of the worksite, occupational safety inspections, and a monthly health and safety meeting to review incidents and discuss preventive measures. Moreover, RMC organises training sessions for all persons with access to the worksite. The training sessions go over, for example, basic issues of occupational health and safety and the risk and stress factors and safety risks of the work environment as well as their related legislation.

Well-being at Work

As responsible operators, we invest in our employees’ wellbeing at work. RMC arranges a regular survey on work atmosphere aimed at assessing wellbeing at work. According to the results of the 2017 survey, our personnel feel they are valued as employees and colleagues. Our personnel also consider RMC to have a positive outlook.

Wellbeing at work is also reinforced through goal and development discussions and in everyday interactions. Acknowledging our employees’ needs is important to us. We offer continuous training and development opportunities for our personnel.