Operating Model

At Rauma Marine Constructions, the cornerstones of our operations are our excellent project management and extensive cooperation with our network of partners.

Instead of a collection of single operators, the marine industry should be viewed as a value chain and a harmonious ecosystem. RMC designs and implements its products by applying a networked business model. This network model is based on long-term strategic partnerships in the marine industry chain. Thanks to our truly networked and open methods, we are able to cooperate with our partners in the continuous development process of our operating models. As a result, our business is profitable and efficient.

A team of experts from our network of partners is hand-picked for each project. RMC is responsible for project management, finances and quality assurance.

The networked operating model ensures flexibility and that fixed expenses remain at a reasonable level. Our operating method is based on a narrow organisation of expert knowledge, cooperation with our integral strategic partners, and harnessing expertise in both our organisation and our partner companies.

The network model and our leased facilities enable us to operate competitively with low overheads, and helps reduce the pressure of accepting a commission at a loss for the sole purpose of covering overhead costs.